Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Calling

     "I am not one of those Americans that came to India seeking enlightenment, yet, guided by chapati, paratha, nan, white rice and the beloved idli, have awakened to my calling and will use my knowledge and expertise to help others relieve their suffering. Let the spirit move through you (daily), and perhaps at first, explosively! Fear not!"

your poop guru,


This weekend's inspiration is from the artists at the residency itself, some random words in conversation about wanting to improve diet, which I took on as a project. And so begins this blog. I'm at an artist residency In Bangalore,India btw, incase you are just finding this, I've been here a couple weeks and I may back track with photos of Ooty and Mysore as well, where I have been already, but the focus right now is bringing in the raw food....  

Thursday evening after Nadira and Eliza gave presentations of their work to our crowd of guests, Tara, Nadira and Eliza received the first communion of cleanse/raw food weekend. Some herbal capsules of psyllium husk, bel leaf , and chandrashoor , lovingly labeled 'Bowelcare'.
-to make you move, and also calcium/magnesium powder to mix with a glass of water before bed.  They also each received a talisman for the journey and permission to call my hotline should they need encouragement. It is scary business changing diet. But in the morning we started out with some raw comfort - cashew banana pudding with tamarind drizzle and dates on top. 

So, my followers, any thoughts , fears , questions? I think all of you had some trepidations...Cryus made a good point about raw food in India, we may be subjecting ourselves to some bacterias to contend with. There is a reason for all this cooking down of the veggies.  So far I have combatted that with blanching some veggies just enought to kill any unwanted guests. But also, India has a host of fermented foods. Fermenting food also combats bad bacterias and makes good bacterias. We will delve into some fermenting for our raw food weekend.
Also I have clove capsules on hand in case there is a hint of digestional turbulance, the clove spice can knock out the badness. 


  1. I want that! Daily menu please.

  2. Your wish is my command. Perhaps it will turn up as an ebooklet. Stay tuned zmoney.

  3. Please share the recipe for the cashew banana pudding with tamarind drizzle. I am glad you are making this raw food effort and wish you all the best in keeping out the 'unwanted bacterial visitors'. I'm with you half way across the world in Kansas City as I am trying to also eat more raw foods. Much love to you and I can't wait to hang out face to face in March (I'll be in NYC). Wishing you and all the 'Poop Guru's' pf the world lots of love and light!

    1. Hi Darlin', I will compile recipes soonish. I have some shit to do here , I'm at an art residency ya know. heh
      Look forward to seeing you!

  4. Poop Guru: It is the Evacuater here. Sounds like you are doing wonderful things on your journey. I feel like Mango or Pear based Electrolyte Lemonade might really keep things moving for you as well. I have been a Life Foodist / Raw Foodist for over 4 years. Wow what a change in my life. I can see so much clearer now. It has brought me so much healing. There is a great deal of good bacteria as well in those raw goodies...I light steaming might give you the best of both worlds. But in all the raw healing I've done I never had any issues with that. But being on the road can make that tougher.

  5. Electrolyte Lemonade

    Great for cleansing the digestive tract
    The easiest Life Foods on the go
    A foundation for the Liver and Gall Bladder flush

    3 organic lemons (cut off the skin, white pith included, organic better of course)
    1 apple or pear cut up (get creative with cherries, mangos, strawberries etc.)
    4-5 tablespoons raw honey
    2 tablespoons coconut oil, olive oil or walnut oil
    pinch of celtic sea salt for hydration
    5-6 cups filtered or charged water, or more depending on your taste buds

    Blend all ingredients in blender or Vita Mix (strain if you want to)

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    2. Dear Evacuator, thanks for chiming in. It is a challenge being on the road and in another country, but I have taken over the kitchen here a bit. I've got raw sauerkraut going and rejuvelac . My followers are finding it not so difficult to eat more raw and were craving it, though there was also some fear around changing it up. I am going to put together the recipes from this blog, would you mind if I include yours? or any other recipes you want to share? I'm not selling it, just compiling for those interested, I'll give you credit.
      yours in rawness, PG

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